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Since 2005, Peter Glennie, and the team from RetroCast Pty Ltd has been supporting Australian businesses with product improvement, manufacture and supply of ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings, fabrications and assemblies.

The strength of RetroCast is the expertise to understand the entire manufacturing process from conception to completion.   Gained from 50+ years of metallurgical and engineering expertise,  RetroCast utilises their network and special relationships to support their clients.

 Since 2020, RetroCast has introduced 3D Printing services.  Using state of the art technology RetroCast, has the expertise to support their clients from 3D Modelling, 3D Scanning and all ranges of 3D Printing.  With their strategic partnership with Mark Forged and SF Design, RetroCast is passionate to educate and support Australian businesses in improving the profitability and scalability in their manufacturing processes. 

Our goal is to support our business clients to become the leader in their specific industry, unlock the challenges in their business manufacturing, transform their supply chain and unleash workforce creativity.

- Peter Glennie

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