Metal 3D Printing - From Idea to Realisation

Understanding the Benefits & Processes of Metal 3D Printing


Why CHoose Metal 3d Printing

Metal 3D Printing has become quite popular over the years. it has a diverse array of applications in many different industries.  

  • Manufacturing difficult-to-machine materials such as Tools Steels, Inconel & Copper. 
  • Efficient means of manufacturing - less cost, less waste, and faster fabrication time. 
  • Easier to work with intricate designs, custom internal passageways and holes with long aspect ratios, closed cell infills, or lightweighting is free, as opposed to extracting materials in more traditional methods.

Benefits of Metal 3D Printing

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METAL 3d Printing


We Use the MetalX Markforged Printer

Our MetalX 3D Printer is highly customisable - allowing us to alter complex designs to solve specific problems. Test prints are standard procedure as part of our quality assurance. 

For Bespoke Metal 3D Printing - A metal fused filament fabrication 3D printer can prototype and build low-volume products like bespoke impellers and nozzles. The tiny volume nature of these parts, as well as the intricate geometries required, fit under this application.

It can also be used to assist with casting - Die casting is a cost-effective method of producing complicated items in large quantities. However, prototyping these elements is too costly. Metal 3D Printing allows customers to print near nett form components to fine-tune cast part design before investing in expensive production tooling.

We are Engineers - We can help you make your 3D Design a reality talk to our team today. We will transform your rudimentary sketches into dynamic parts that are integral to making your ideas come to life.

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Stages of Metal 3D Printing Process

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3D Modelling

Conceptually having a tangible object can help you through the creative process. Retrocast 3D Printing will construct concept models that mimic the appearance of production-run parts.
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Test Your 3D Concept  

Display your design and relay the marketability of your product. Create a market for your product before production. Send your 3D Concept to Retrocast 3D Printing to explore your options and get a quote. 
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3D Performance Testing

We can test your new product is doable prior to full production. Rapid prototyping services allows us to test the form, fit, and function of your prototype.

 Ensuring durability and quality. 
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